Practical IELTS Fundamentals Course

"To Contribute Rather Compete".

IELTS is an English Language Proficiency Test needed for study, work or migration purposes to foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Module One - All About IELTS Examination.

01. What is IELTS?
02. IELTS Test Types
03. What are the different ways to take IELTS?
04. IELTS on Computers 101
05. IELTS for Migration
06. IELTS for Study
07. IELTS for Work Fundamentals
08. What is IELTS Indicator? (Legacy)
09. What is IELTS Video Call Speaking Test?
10. Check Who Accepts the IELTS Scores in the World.
11. How IELTS Test is Being Developed
12. How Quality and Fairness is ensured in IELTS?
13. How to Report IELTS Test Scams
14. IELTS in CEFR Scale

Module Two - IELTS Candidates

01. Reasons to Go For the IELTS Examination.
02. How to Prepare Well For the IELTS Examination.
03. How to Register for the IELTS Examination in Time.
04. IELTS Online.
05. Test Format for IELTS.
06. Sample Test Questions For IELTS Examination.
07. Book an IELTS Test Immediately.
08. 4 Main Tips to Feel Good On the IELTS Test Day.
09. Special Requirements for IELTS Test.
10. Results
11. How IELTS is scored
12. Resitting the test
13. IELTS Complaints Policy
14. Cancellations, Refunds and Transfers.

Module Three - IELTS For Organisations.

01. The Benefits of Accepting IELTS scores.
02. Setting IELTS entry scores.
03. Accept IELTS results
04. Detailed Guide to IELTS Score.
05. Verifying IELTS results
06. How to use IELTS results
07. Comparing IELTS to other tests
08. IELTS Online
09. IELTS Academic or Duolingo English Test: how do they compare?

Module Four - IELTS For Researchers

01. IELTS Test Statistics.
02. Research Reports.
03. Grants and Awards
04. Calls for Research Proposals.
05. Research Support for IELTS Researchers.

Module 5 - IELTS for Teachers

1. IELTS for Teachers.
2. Examiner Recruitment and Training.
3. Blog for IELTS Teachers.

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