"To Grow and Contribute".

Today, I needed to give back vehicle to Vipul sir. I went to the Gold Gym Pathankot to hand him over the keys so that I can go ahead with my work.

I called and He said, Amninder Please visit me near tank chowk pathankot. I am Olive cuts. It is one of the best salons out there in pathankot.

So, fast forward I reached there and asked - Where is Vipul sir?

The staff him - We don't know him but there is a happening client inside.

I said, okay let me check then. He was there firing up others with morning talks.

Soon my turn came up and the hair dresser (Michael) analysed my looks professionally. 

He said - Sir, unfortunately, your skin is dead, It is sunburned. The natural glow is gone.

I replied - Ya, I have walked like 50 kms in hot summer afternoons to realize the harshness of life.

Robert T. Kiyosaki said - Ask yourself right questions to become solution oriented. So, How can we recover this now. How much this would cost and what would we be using?

Micheal replied. Sir, first of all - please tell me what sunscreen do you use?

I said - I don't use any. Also, I have learned from youtube that sunscreens could be bad for your skin blocking the pores.

Micheal said- That is true. You can protect your face with clean clothes. But sunscreens when utilised properly protect your skin from dust and sunburns.

For hair care, michael and the staff recommended to avoid mehendi from the market. Mehendi used to be very good for naural hair care but it really needs to be original (unadulterated).

Here is a list of things recommended by Olive cuts (Micheal) for Skincare.

1. Use sunscreens as and when appropriate.
2. Let your body drink ample amount of water on a daily basis.
3. Please use tissue papers for your face
4. Avoid using any and all types of soaps on your face.

Here is a list of things recommended by Olive cuts (Micheal) for Haircare.

1. Avoid Mehendi (artificial) from markets.
2. Regularly massage your hair with coconut or sarso oil. If at home, let it stay for an hour and then delicately wash with a good quality shampoo.

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