"To Grow and Contribute".

A balance between planned and organised work and intuitiveness in business and life helps a person thrive faster without mental setbacks.

The Melancholy of Planning

I have tried to be 100% planned and 100% intuitive, I have failed myself in both of them. If I tried to become 100% planned and organised in my life then It eventually lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and melancholy. Imagine a world, full of routines with no intuitiveness, whatsoever. If you plan to visit a nearby park and you write it down then that is not intuitiveness. However, planning for a business trip or a long vacation is surely good and suggested as well.

The Dangers of Total Intuitiveness

On the other hand, If we make everything work on the basis of intuition then hazards tend to occur. For example, solely on the basis of intuition, I have traveled a lot in the hot sun without thinking twice as how would I manage once I'm there at the destination. As per to the book, Getting Things Done, an easy way to support your intuitiveness is to plan enough but not a lot.It helps you live life in a well-organised manner working your way from bottom to up. i.e. you deal with the problems you're having now first so that you can clear your cloudy sky and then propel towards your actual goals with clarity. 

David Allen advocates an all capture outside your head approach to life. This is a difficult to master approach but once mastered can result in really fruitful results. If you can have an external system that you can trust and reflect upon on timely basis then of course, It is going to increase your productivity.

But life is not all about productivity and projects, Life needs to be intuitive as well. We need to relax and play. This part of life is covered in the book - The New Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. It has helped me to keep myself fit..

Mark adds the concepts of "Play" and "Relax" in your life as the necessary parts to live. Without physical "Play" and "Intuitiveness", the inner child dies. With it, there remains a balance of logic and imagination inside.

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