"To Grow and Contribute".

Note : this is not a clinical advice but a lifestyle advice.
Often we begin to feel depressed or sad, nobody tells us the reason behind but most often it is how we spend our lives that takes a toll on us. If this aspect of our life can be managed then a lot of problems can be avoided. Below are the 3 lifestyle hacks that can help you a lot If you're feeling depressed lately.

Proper Diet & Water Intake

A proper diet includes fruits of the season, home food, raw vegetables consumed on a daily basis. A proper water intake simply means drinking water as much as you feel like in the morning then 30 mins. to 2 hrs after breakfast, 30 mins. to 2 hrs after lunch and as much as you feel like in the evening.

If possible, avoid drinking R.O. water and shift to either boiled or alkaline water.

Air & Ventilation

A proper air ventilation means living and especially sleeping at a place where the windows are open and the fan is helping out to circulate the air.

Once upon a time, I was living in a village in punjab and I slept in a rented room where no air was passing through properly and no sunlight was coming. It went like this for a week or two and my mind and body started feeling it.

My mind started going numb and I was going out of ideas. Of course, sleeping at a place where there is lack of ventilation and proper air circulation weakens you as a body, mind and spirit.

Even if you go outside in the mornings but sleeping in a non-ventilated place can cause some psychological problems in my experience.

As a solution, I just opened up all the windows that were there and turned on the fan. Viola!, in a minute or two, everything started feeling a lot better than before. I could sit at one place without any problems.

"Avoid going out in the scorching heat. If you're driving a two-wheeler then cover your skin with clothing or use a sunscreen for your face"

Physical Play, Exercise, Relax and Sleep

This is powerful of all for work oriented people. People who are very systematic in life miss being creative and play without any fears of the past or the worries of the tomorrow.

Now play and gym are two different things. Play actually means badminton, cricket, hockey, football or basketball with a group or a team.


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