"To Grow and Contribute".

I was reading this book - Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki. On Chapter Thirty-Six, I saw a complete pictorial representation of a corporate level business. 

The model represents a Tetrahedron, You have to have a strong mission statement, a team and leadership qualities to setup and smoothly run a business as a Chief Executive Officer.

Within these three aspects of a Corporate level business, you need to have management systems, Money is where the Management is, said Rich Dad.

The business starts with "cash-flow management" i.e expenses, income, liabilities and assets. Credit limits and loans. It involves accounting fundamentals as well.

Then, next is "Communications management". Communications with your employees, stakeholders and other business people is a much needed aspect of your business. Communications management increases your cash flow. 

After communications management, you have to place systems management in place. 

For example, if blogging is your business then checklists systems for processes, employees management system to manage your employees, productivity systems to manage business productivity and so on.

And finally high quality products creation and management. If you're all alone I recommend you to join a network marketing company that offers you high quality products, excellent leadership and ready-made systems. 

Later on, someday maybe in life you can decide to setup businesses supporting your network.

I realized, It is going to take a lot of time to do that by myself and even if I setup all this with a team, It would cost me a lot of money, time and hassles.

Robert said, In network marketing and direct selling business companies, you get all the 4 systems ready-made for you.

In fact, when you find yourself choosing a right network marketing company that values similar things as you value.

You will end up getting a one time opportunity.

Something clicked my soul. I quickly called up my uncle who is very diligent and disciplined in his business approach. Doing a full time job and a part time business is what Robert Kiyosaki recommends and my uncle is doing the same in his life.
As I connected, he said, please go and meet Vipul Malhotra sir, he will surely guide you in this aspect.

So, Vipul sir and I connected over a phone call and quickly we picked up a time and venue. Picking up a time and venue is really valuable for your overall interaction.

2:40 PM and Barista, we quickly finalized it , I reached there by 2:25 PM. Respecting, people's time is very important these days.  Be on time is what Brian Tracy advocated through out his business career.

Sir came in his own style. I was sitting with Robert kiyosaki sir. I continued reading. I would say, wasting time waiting for people is really a foolish idea. All these spontaneous breaks can be added up to help you read or achieve more without trying to adjust any special time.

So, we met and we begun talking.

I realized, the Man has faced lots of struggles in his life but without fears, he expresses himself, knows his mistakes and is carrying on his will of fire. It almost felt like 'myself' is talking to me, I'm talking to you, Vipul sir said.

We ordered 2 cappuccinos and white pasta. With a cup of coffee in hand, we were discussing on various aspects of life. I was listening eventfully and I saw all people around us were watching our discussions.

It was as if Charisma and Character were together and the road-side restaurant became a presentation hall.  We discussed on the principles of magnetism in selling rather than trying to convince or beg to someone to buy what we have.

Sooner I realized, what we are sharing with each other can be shared anywhere in the world.  To make our discussion more affordable, I gracefully suggested - If you don't mind, we can split the bills and move somewhere else where It would be all earth and sky. 

Sir, said, well I can surely take you elsewhere with me but I won't split the bills. Later on, when you have your first check because of my mentorship, consider offering me a treat If you feel like.  I give you a choice for future.

Then we shook hands and agreed to move outside. There is principle of 'more we travel together, more memories and experiences we share'. It is far better than sitting at one place. So, we drove to the mountains and eventually ended up at an open street vendor.

Sir, asked -What would you like to have, Tea and how about - Pakode' I fumbled - Well, no sir, I would like to have some water that will keep me hydrated.

He laughed, then asked - Would you like to have 'Lassi'. They make it special here. With all that cream, It tastes really good. Let me order two for both of us.

 As we were drinking 'Lassi' together, I opened up -chapter 36 and expressed him, We believe in motivation and informed motivation happens with education and experience.

I showed up the B-I triangle to Sir, where I expressed my realization, Sir was happy to see me knowing the value and strength of a business network, leadership and meeting with quality people.

Then Vipul sir, showed me a picture where, He was with his mom in Dubai. Well, taking your Mom to a foreign land is a delightful experience. I was delighted to see that. I got inspired like you.

I realized, sir is actually expressing himself from the bottom of his heart and wonderfully enough, He shared a valuable line.

Amninder, Dream Big, Start Small and Do Now!

Being genuine spiritually, He offered a mantra that encompasses Vision, Action towards that Vision and sense of urgency towards the action.

This mantra can be applied anywhere in life to achieve a goal worth achieving in a very short span of time.

Another lesson is - "Carry your products with yourself for demonstration/quick selling, you never know when Almighty wants you to do it."

If money is valuable, so is time. You need to be very quick at closing things; when it feels good and ready. do it. If you miss it, you miss it. Don't regret later on, but If you miss it, you miss it.

Reducing delivery time and satisfying feelings of your prospect instantly gives a sense of delight and It feels that something is being accomplished at the receivers end.

If your product or service is good and you're informed. To add, you are willing to co-operate with the customer, then there won't be any buyer's remorse. Even if happens, please address it with a money back guarantee.

At last, I was being carefully dropped at my home. 

Before setting apart, He gave me a precious present. It was the first non-fiction self help book I ever listened to in my lifeGoals By Brian Tracy that you can check below. It is a valuable read for the future Billionaires, I would say.

I cannot write more about this. It Just made my Day.

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