"To Contribute Rather Compete".

Baljit Sir is in the business since 2003. It is almost 19 years now. 

I and one of my friends went to their home to talk about the industry and what successful people think about it.

"One of the best things in our discussions were the soft skill of listening to complete talk of an individual first and then forming an opinion."

This is a necessity in today's world to avoid Prejudice.

Baljit sir owns MG Motors Car (A Luxury Car Brand), I noticed. When He was in the job, He used to work for Punjab Police. To own a luxury car for a Punjab Police official is not possible even in the wildest dreams.

So I asked, How come you achieved all this?

Sir replied, I started with Product replacement. Products once consumed can be confidently recommended. Products recommended without any experience is a unethical and a lie. It is a blunder mistake when people do it.

So I asked, Is it a Product Selling Business that you're into?

No, not exactly, with a deep calming voice, He  said - Product Selling is just a small part of it. When you came here, we sit in our car, then the air you're breathing is light. Yes? I nodded.

Well, this is how it is. Only Product Selling can't do it. At one time, you might need to convince people which is again a skill. Recommending products based on people's needs and offering them a business opportunity is the real deal. Simultaneously, improving your lifestyle and polishing your personality makes the deal offer able.

So what is this Business Opportunity all about?

Baljit sir, smiled and said - It cannot be said and done like that. Let me open up my notepad and tell you. 

As He was about to write, the pen stopped and sir said - but before that, do you know anything about the Direct Selling, the Network marketing or the Product Recommendation business.

Yes I do, I have already invested Rs. 1,50,000.00 with no monetary results whatsoever. 

Sir chucked and Said - Alright then! But you believe in the business model. Right?

I nodded and opened up the book in front of me. "Guide to Investing By Robert T. Kiyosaki". There is a B-I Triangle in the book for people who want to be Billionaires

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 And Robert says - Network marketing is a ready made business. I just need to take care of the Cashflow management and All other compliance, legal, accounting work is being done for me.

Then I started opening up more. Let me share a story with you. My friend - Ajay use to consume products from the market. All you need to do this business is to replace your shop. As much as I'm aware of it.

I quickly said - It is Ajay's Choice. Sir added, Well Ajay is making a choice to make others rich. He is having a fixed liability in his life and that liability is going to stay with him till he dies.

If His expenses are 3000.00 - 10,000.00 monthly. then by the end of the year, he is going to have an expenditure of Rs. 36,000.00 - Rs 1,20,000.00 with no quality business, team or support in hand.

 And that was the essence of the talk. Here is a simple diagram to understand the financial statements of Ajay.

Ajay Financial Statements Over A Year
Figure : Ajay's Yearly Expenditure is a Company's Gross Income.

Figure : Ajay's expenditure became Ajay's income source over a period of 1 year.

There are two types of expenses. Good Expenses and Bad Expenses. so,would you like to shift your expenses towards a direct selling business and consider your yearly expenses as a business investment?

If You Feel Convinced, Tap Here to Ask for an Appointment with Vipul Malhotra Sir. Reference : Amninder.

Moreover, to make this deal more beautiful you can avail a credit card from your bank say bank of Baroda. It will help you to start your business and build your credit history side by side.

Read Here : I don't like credit cards. So Why should I use them?

But then I replied to sir, My family is already negative about this. Sir nodded and said - Negativity stays without actions and baseless opinions. Which might feel appropriate but will keep you poor.

On a practical note, If you're unwilling to shift all the expenses towards us then, you can start small with maybe, 10% of your expenses and that would still be an investment of Rs. 3000.00 to 6000.00 per month.

With a smile we ended our discussed and after getting convinced, I Joined. 

I would like to learn how to convince with words and concepts as I was being convinced. I realized, it is more about the environment and the people than just the company and products that make or break a deal.

To close, I realized few things about myself, I value environment, lifestyle and quality of people around me.

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