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Screen Recording is essential process in our digital marketing videos. In my own career, I have attempted to do this with the help of paid as well as open source softwares.

Even though OBS Studio is a heavy software, It's screen recordings are good. But what if I tell about a process that is going to help you ease the pressure?

Yes. No heavy softwares and no need to purchase a paid software from the market.

All you need to do is install Google Remote Desktop on your Laptop and on Your Mobile Phone.

Now, as you have installed it on both the devices. The next step is to remotely access the laptop screen from your mobile device.

The next step is to turn on the Screen recorder of your mobile device. It will recording your laptop in high quality. With this in your arsenal, you can literally captura all your lessons and create video tutorials/presentations for your audience.

Google Remote Desktop is one of the Best Screen Recording Softwares

Use cases of Screen recording.

1. Office Presentation Videos.
2. Online Tutorials about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.
3. Demonstration videos of processes.

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