"To Contribute Rather Compete".

Hair Care and Face Care Regular Deposits with Hoor The Luxury Salon

I am a firm believer that what we hear from family, friends, on TV, from people around us on a repeated basis affects our behaviors and personalty alot. Grooming myself properly was going through my mind for a very long time. 

It all started with a rough experience. 

I met a likable, beautiful, warm hearted woman and when we met, she just looked at my hair and signaled that they are 'Grey'. She never said it, It was her grace. But, I noticed her eyes going up. 

Well that was the experience and later on, I realized I'm having it - a basic need to setup my style fundamentals.

Although I speak well, understand emwotions and feelings, run foundation and have business and business networks. Looks needs to be taken care of now. Self car for the body, getup and outfit was there far in the ocean.

 Later on, I realized Self Care is the best contribution to one-self. Those who believe to Contribute rather Compete even when I'm talking about the 'Self', such people can understand the meaning of my words.

Contributing towards society is good but what about the 'Self'. If it is being delegated and people around you love you then that is great vision to hold but If you have to manage yourself on a daily basis, how would you?

There is an affirmation from 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise L. Hay  and the wordings are -

I take care of my complete body. I groom it and care for it because I value it, value myself as well.

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So, with this thought in my mind. It led me to watch YouTube videos on hair care and skin care, discussed with my friends about this who were having good looks, Where should I go to groom myself better. I needed some treatment for 'Grey' hair and my face.

They recommended me, Hoor The Luxury Salon in Pathankot.

So, I took my keys and went there. The whole ambiance was posh and It was all air-conditioned inside. I was being greeted well. I met with a Hair Specialist Mr. Nausad. He carefully checked my scalp with scissors and recommended the following.

  • Please start consuming "Amla Murabaa" not Sour Amla on a regular basis as It will help your hair with other aspects of your life.  I quickly added this to my Hair care deposit list with a note of it on my calendar for 90 days.
  • Then he said, sir regularly oil massage your hair for 10 to 20 minutes and then shampoo it later on. 
  • Home care is 80% of the work. We can only do 20%, Nausad Ji told and eventually He recommended me the 'Olaplex Treatment'. Shampoo,Conditioner and Serum are the 3 main products of a person who loves his hair he added.
Nausad Ji was really good at counselling me for the hair. Anybody who listens to him would recommend him to others.

Then came the time of face skin care appointment. Ma'am told me about my skin conditions as clearly as follows.

1. my skin was found - 'Oily'. To prevent or reduce Oily texture. I was recommended to clean the oil with a shampoo within 1 hour of the head massage and never go out with hair oiled.
2. my skin was found - 'Sensitive'.
3. my skin was having lots of pours in it and a good sunscreen was recommended.

In terms of prices. Well, it is bit on the expensive side when compared to other salons in the market but the way they have organized things would be worth spending on.

But overall the experience was great and If I were to take one word from my whole experience, It would be 'Home Care' with Hoor Treatment.

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