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How to Have A Fit Body With 6 Pack Abs Without Going To Gym

Were you looking for a way to attain 6 pack abs with a good body. Yes?

Then with my years of experience I am writing piece to help you get through all the difficulties that came along my way. Hope, my journey ignites you.

In 2017, I was in Corporate world working as a Software Developer in Chennai. 

I use to love my job but at the same my body was yelling at me and so was my self image was becoming 'clumsy'.

To get myself connected with my core need of 'fitness'. I started Gyming.

Well, It all went well but you know It was way too costly in terms of monthly salaries. 

I was utilizing 9000 - 10,000 out of 23,000. It was more than 40 percent you know.  Where were the savings, you ask?

Well, literally no savings. I now learned that it is important to save, add money to mutual funds and explore the world of real estate and investment. 

Here were the expenditures

Fruits, Raw Vegetables

Gym Food


2 to 4 hours everyday

If I have had saved or invested money and time i.e 10,000 Rs and 96 hours every month

By the end of the year, It would have been a capital of Rs. 1,00,000+ and 900+ hours of learning and earning time, that is good amount of money and time to think about. It is pleasant and gives you a sense of security to have that much in your pocket. Right?

I now know the world of investments, stocks and real estate and that money would have helped me.

But I wanted fitness in my life at that time and I am happy that I made that mistake.

Now, in 2022, the time is asking me to be fit, decent and presentable again. 

This approach that I am going to tell you is going to cost effective, economic and holistic in nature.

This approach advocates Primal Fitness.

Here are the fundamentals though that helped me.

I avoided chicken and non-veg as much as I could.

Walked long distances at a slow pace with no hurry. I walked as far as 50 Km in a day sometimes. Of course, with breaks in between.

I did planks, push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats as much as I could and as much as I needed as and when I need them.

Just imagine with this fitness routine, you will be saving lots on medical expenses and really, money saved is money earned. 

So, you are earning that much and you're earning for real as well. 

You will really wealthy and healthy in the long run. 

So, I sprinted once a week as fast as I could. That felt like a 'blast' you know.

Now in the break times of walking long distances, I worked on my laptop and sometimes stopped to read my textbooks.

A woman asked me in 2017, If you're working for 2 hours in the Gym then When would you Learn and work to earn money?

and I realized, she was right.

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