"To Grow and Contribute".

Today morning, I was sitting with my rich dad and He asked me, "How do you create an asset in the asset column without spending money to acquire it?"

Few of the basic Assets are -

1. Time
2. Money
3. People - Employees, Friends, Parents, Relatives and others.

In network marketing and direct selling, without spending any money to acquire time like in corporates, you can have time of people, you can have people's efforts to work for you.

One main theme is the network marketing and direct selling with the products that runs with it.

Each of the person in your network marketing team is valuable and skilled in his or her own way. The older your interactions are, the more you can judge.

For example, one time one of my mentors in Amway told me, you're not an author so how come you can have a parallel source of Income. I wondered, How Can I be an author and started publishing my own range of travel books. 

So, If you want to learn, all negative words come with few learning tips from other people.You can leverage harsh words to make more money.

So, that network marketing ID of yours is actually an asset. It generates time, money, valuable connections for you around the town.

You can surely choose to utilize the network, first - to generate income and second, to know each other, know more about people.

Now, you have to be an asset of others as well. What you give is what comes back to you. Help out others and get helped.

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