"To Grow and Contribute".

I was waiting to get my business flexed. So, I visited a local shop of flex printing. I always wanted to get that LED letters flex for my businesses. It makes them feel real in mind and reality.

I started with the plastic print. It is the most affordable version in the flex market. Soon, with time, you might find things becoming more shining with 'light'.

But a brand is brand after all. A name as your trademark. Well that feels good for a Digital Marketer to start on the process of branding.

Vishu sir, a local flex printing business owner helped me in this. He is in business since 2007. His business, Rooparts is well in demand. By 2022, He is having an experience of 15 years in his business and It all started with a small shop. Can you believe that?

I realized, I am having 13+ years of experience in the Digital marketing and sales field myself so It would be a good idea to talk with him a bit.

We talked with each other. Both of us found that we have a lot in common. Being Bachelors of Technology we talked a bit about the 'Corporate world' and how people struggle with files and resumes for long to finally land a job in India.

He being Electronics pass out  and I from Computer Science realized the similar pattern. Both Business Owners and chosen to be entrepreneurs now.

Later on, I realized I'll be in need of having flex printing friends to quicken my future needs. But I am supposed to contribute first-hand slowly in their business than expecting them to contribute in mine. The more you contribute, the more valuable you become.

Moreover, scope of  digital marketing of flex printing business is good as I experienced. Competition in this field is low in the Digital arena.

I was looking at this beautiful design and inquired about the price, sir's brother replied - ₹ 60.00 per Inch. 8 inches would cost me around 8 * ₹ 60.00 = ₹ 480.00. An Idea for a possible venture.

To start my business flex printing process. He asked me to share the design on Whatsapp Business. I instinctively replied - I don't use it anymore. 

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So, I passed it on their official mail ID.

Within 10 minutes the design was made near perfect. then we went to the flex printing side of  Rooparts.

When I saw the business name - 'Diginabled', getting printed out with my name under it. I felt it. I realized the importance of tangible naming. It feeds your soul when you're real in this world. 

It really feels great to come out in real life.

To wind up our discussion, I eagerly asked about the price of that gigantic flex machine that printed my business name. Well He said, It's around ₹ 14,00,000.00. So, as you grow up from a small shop, with hard work and effort, you can actually land somewhere in life. How sir acquired the resource is a mystery though.

As I was holding, Rich Dad and Poor Dad Book in my hand. He asked,

In our last moments of meeting, we talked about Rich Dad and Poor Dad and how investing is important for everybody in today's world.

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