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Why I Chose to Uninstall Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business As Well

In the days of technology and quick messaging services. There are very thin lines between Personal and Business life. I faced these things around me and It was not good to feel at all. So, considering the experience below, I chose to uninstall both the apps.

The Concern of Information Leak

If it is a business meeting or you're going somewhere and you click pictures, share them on Whatsapp then there is a kind of information leak concern.

Especially when you have made your business and personal accounts the same. So, I chose to take a backup of all the chats from both the applications before getting off them for good probably for the next 90 days. 

3 months is the time needed for a lifestyle change.

The Concern of Privacy Leak

The activities you're doing on ground is not destined to be shared with all the people of the world as it is. 

It surely gives you that addictive rush inside but its impact on others is not really in direct control of you.

Such acts might get you in trouble.

You can surely find yourself taking pictures and making videos but the final one that gets released among your peers, friends and family needs to be an edited one. 

Why even keep that option?  Family life, friend-circle life were sensitive and important to me.

Later on, if you feel ashamed of something that you uploaded well it is going to only make your life Horrible. 

Why to keep yourself at the mercy of a pattern of a platform. It is not destiny but created by humans and is changeable.

Source of Confusion and Immense Distraction.

Sometimes, the source of confusion and distraction is not internal.

It could be getting generated from the unnecessary triggers around you.

Usually such sources are information based in today's era. Information that is sensitive to you.

It could be Whatsapp, Instagram or any other application that is robbing your time and money 

Poor people have poor habits. Keeping a distraction alive for long in your life is a poor habit.

Such habits make people poor in the long run.

The Problem of Pleasing People (All of 'em)

They should feel good of what I'm doing and they should see it as well that I'm doing good.

cThe way it was happening to me was - " uploading statuses and videos to people I know Well, this was making me person of external locus of control. So I chose to avoid it, simple.

The normal addictive pattern found was - I use to upload data and then found myself checking

 - Who has watched my status nd then feeling good or bad by who watched it and who didn't.

This is an unsecure pattern. Just makes you more unsecure than needed.

I still remember a friend of mine from 2015, his girlfriend left him as he couldn't accomplish things on time in his life.

Well such instances only attract hurt and a sneak peak into others personnel life is only stress generating. 

So, the effect of Addictive pattern of 'Did they See What I'm Doing' was being well noticed.

So, as I said. I took a backup of all the chats from both the applications before uninstalling.

Becoming Too Personal

Whatsapp and Chatting gives you a sneaky way to talk to someone. 

Well, I ended up finding myself going overboard with the woman I liked. 

This made her irritated and a cause of my learning about Social Media.

As long as social media is being used solely for business purposes. Such acts can add value to your life.

But If it is predominantly robbing you off your time, values and money then you hsve to release such a liability from your life.

I thank and really appreciate that she opened my eyes at last for what is going on and how it is going on.

The Problem of Time Debt 

Actually, you agree to me or not, every minute or half an hour or hours you spend on Whatsapp mixing personal and professional lifes is going to make you sell your time 'short'.

The history of men and women is of people now who lovingly sell their time for free.

So, before It becomes the source of your stress I recommend you to take a backup and uninstall all the stress inducing information baed apps. 

Dad once said - Go for a walk and you will be clear- What is distracting you and How is it doing so?

Then act to diminish or remove the distraction from your life.

The Core Benefit of Social Detox

One of the Core Benefits of Social Detox Experience is You get less hits digitally.

Your brain starts to function normally and you end up giving yourself time credits to develop your business faster.

With this, I wish you luck, Hope you realize the importance of my words and shape your career the way you deserve it to be - Bright and Beautiful! 👍

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