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Spontaneity is the one of the qualities of new generation business people. If you're not spontaneous to act then you might just be coming in your own way of success.

I started travelling for business purposes in 2021 with lots of frustration of being locked at one place and do all the things from that place.

Over a period of time, I have learned few lessons that would help you avoid travel disgust and fatigue.

1. I use to travel at any time of the day. Sometimes, I found myself marching in the afternoon where It was really hot and humid. Based on my experience, this affects your hair badly. So, try to avoid travelling from the time when it becomes really hot outside or the weather is not suitable.

I recommend you to use the default weather application in your mobile phone as shown above. That is pretty common sense these days to take help from easy to use application to let things happen in your favor.

If you have to travel in the afternoon then do it in a way that it protects your skin from any outside damages.

During this time, you can choose to stay at one place and read something useful or work on your devices like mobile and laptop.

2. Always carry something to eat from your home in your bag. A good one I got from my dad are protein rich heated black chick peas. They are tasty and fulfills your daily protein requirements 

See here, 

I will be adding more up to date information that will make your Spontaneous Business Travels as smooth as possible.

What are your ways to travel spontaneously? Please share in the comments below.

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