Traffic Signals

1. Red Light
2. Amber Light
3. Green Light

The Significance of Red Light

On seeing top red light glowing, please slow down your vehicle.

Stop your vehicle in the lane you intend to follow.

Stop well before stop line.

Do not come to other lane in order to get ahead of traffic.

Amber light gives time to vehicles to clear the road if the vehicle has just crossed the stop line.

In such a situation, when you have already crossed the stop line and amber line comes on, do not panic or increase speed, smoothly pass through.

If you're behind the Stop line when Amber light comes on you have to stop, but warn any vehicle pursuing you closely.

Green Light means you have to look around. If safe, move smoothly, do not tear through the traffic on seeing green light.

At cross roads, you may be allowed to turn left all the times while in some cases it may not be allowed. At some crossings, straight & side moving traffic is allowed simultaneously while in some cases it is not.

On some crossings, right turning may be banned.

Flashing red signal means you have to come to a halt.

Look around if it is safe to move ahead, priority is to be given to vehicles coming from your right side.

Flashing amber light indicates that you can move with care after slowing down.

12 Traffic Constable Hand Signals

1. To start one sides vehicles.
2. To stop vehicles coming from front.
3. To stop vehicles approaching from behind.
4. To stop vehicles approaching simultaneously from front and behind.
5. To stop vehicles approaching simultaneously from right and left.
6. To start vehicle approaching from left.
7. To start vehicles coming from right.
8. To change sign.
9. To start vehicles coming from Left.
10. To start vehicles on T-point.
11. To give VIP salute
12. To manage vehicle on T-point.

Mandatory Signs

1. No Entry Sign.
2. One Way Sign.
3. One Way Sign 2.
4. Vehicles prohibited in both directions.
5. All motor vehicles prohibited.
6. Truck prohibited.
7. Bullock & Hand Cart Prohibited.
8. Bullock Cart Prohibited.
9. Tongas prohibited.
10. Hand Cart Prohibited.
11. Cycle prohibited.
12. Pedestrians prohibited.
13. Compulsory Bus Stop.
14. Right Turn Prohibited.
15. Left Turn Prohibited.
16. Left Turn Prohibited.
17. U-Turn Prohibited.
18. Overtaking Prohibited.
19. Horn Prohibited.
20. No parking.
21. Speed Limit.
22. No Stopping or Standing.
23. Width Limit.
24. Height Limit.
25. Length Limit.
26. Load Limit.
27. Axle load limit.
28. Restriction end sign.
29. Compulsory -
a) Left Turn
b) Turn Right Ahead.
c) Ahead Only.
d) Ahead or Turn Right.
e) Ahead or Turn Left.
f) Keep Left
g) Cycle Track
h) Sound Horn
30. Stop Sign.
31. Give way Sign.

Cautionary Signs

1. Hand Curves - Right and Left.
2. Hair Pin Bends - Right and Left.
3. Reverse Bends - Right and Left.
4. Steeps - Steep Ascent and Steep Descent.
5. Road Ahead - Narrow Road Ahead and Road Widens Ahead.
6. Narrow Bridge
7. Slippery Road
8. Loose Gravel
9. Cycle Crossing
10. Pedestrian Crossing.
11. School Ahead.
12. Men at Work.
13. Cattle.
14. Falling Rocks.
15. Ferry
16. Cross Road.
17. Gap in median.
18. Side road right.
19. Y-Intersections
20. Staggered Intersection.
21. Side Road Left.
22. T-Intersection.
23. Major Road Ahead.
24. Roundabout.
25. Dangerous Dip.
26. Hump or Rough Road.
27. Barrier Ahead.
28. Guarded Railway Crossings - 200 meters, 50 - 100 meters
29. Unguarded Level Crossings - 200 meters, 50 - 100 meters

The 21 Informatory Sign Markings.

1. Eating Place.
2. Public Telephone.
3. Petrol Pump.
4. Resting Place.
5. First Aid Post.
6. Hospital.
7. No Through Road.
8. No Through Side Road.
9. Light Refreshment.
10. Parking Lot Autorickshaw.
11. Parking Lot Cycles.
12. Parking Lot Scooter and Motorcycle.
13. Parking Lot Taxis
14. Parking This Side.
15. Park Both Sides.
16. Parking Lot Cycle Rickshaws.
17. Advance direction Sign.
18. Flood Gauge
19. Re-assurance Sign.
20. Destination Sign.
21. Place identification Sign.
22. Direction Sign.

10 Road Markings You Need To Be Aware of - 

1. Centre Line marking for a two lane road.
2. Centre Barrier line Marking for Multiple Lane Roads.
3. Centre Yellow Line.
4. Double Centre Yellow Lines
5. Centre Yellow Lines - Dashed and Flat Pairs
6. Stop Line.
7. Give way Line.
8. Border or Edge Line.
9. Solid Yellow Line Near the Edge of the Road.
10. Yellow Box Junction.
11. Pedestrian Crossing or Zebra Crossing.

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