A trademark is a work of creativity that is business-specific.

A trademark helps people identify your business among others in the market. It establishes its unique identity.

A trademark can be a symbol, number, or simply a well-designed letter. 

A registered trademark is an intangible asset. It is the intellectual property of your business. It also guards your investments in developing the same.

It prevents the misuse of the business's goodwill and clearly secures its individuality.

Documents required for the trademark registration process.

1. Identity proof like Passport, Driver's License, Aadhaar Card, Voters Id or ration card for filing the trademark application. In the case of a legal entity or registered body, then partnership deed or incorporation certificate or registration certificate.

2. If the trademark application is made for a word, logo is not required. But in all other cases, the logo must be submitted preferably in black and white format (containing the exact words mentioned in the trademark application).

3. Form-48. To authorize our Attorney to file the trademark on your behalf, In case a claim for previous use is made on the trademark application, then an affidavit from your end is needed.

Details Required for Trademark Registry

1. Business Name :
2. TradeMark (Word Mark/Logo)
3. Email ID
4. Mobile Number : 
5. Description of Goods & Services :

Documents Required in the case of Company/LLP.are - Certificate of Incorporation and, Adhaar Card Copy of Authorized Director.

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