Let's talk practically about the Tourist Visa. To avail a genuine Tourist Visa, Documents from Abroad as well from India are needed.

Documents From Abroad are.

1. Passport Copy with Valid Visa.
2. Job Letter With Employment Documents. (If student then Letter from College where He/She is studying stating He/She is a regular student and Confirmation of Fees paid to College)
3. Income (If any)
4. Residential Proof (Electricity Bill/ Phone Bill)
5. Phone Number and Email ID.
6. Bank Statement
7. Sponsorship/Invitation Letter.

Documents Required From India.

1. Original Passport with Photocopy Notary Attested.
2. Phone Number and Email ID of Applicant.
3. Funds - Bank Statements or Fixed Deposits.
4. Currently, What are they Doing?
5. Income Proof - ITR/Form 16
6. Property/Registry Photocopy notary attested with English Translation.
7. Details of Relatives - Brother, Sister and Children.
8. Property Valuation of Assets.
9. CA Net Worth Certificate.
10. 2 Passport Size Photographs with White Background (80% Face)

Few Problems I'm facing myself are -

1. ITR. The last ITR I filed was in 2017 with Aricent Technologies when I was being appointed as a Software Development Engineer. After that, never filed any till 2022. A solution suggested by Sandeep Ji (Director, Saviour Education Abroad, Pathankot) is to Hold an Agricultural Land Certificate.

2. Past 5 years from 2017 to 2022, I have studied multiple fields through Online websites like Coursera and being certified in Google Courses. I have created brands like Myneo, MoneyKuxion, Cheema Foundation, White Sage Enterprises, Cheema Institute, Cheema Academy, Cheema University, Amninder Singh, Pammi's Kitchen, Cheema Chai and More.

Our meeting concluded at a point where I asked - What if there would be a MOI from abroad. MOI stands for Moment of Instruction where you're being sponsored by an MNC to work in your favorite/Preferred Country. i.e. A Job Offer.

An easy way to seek out for an MOI could be to serve Foreign Clients loyally from Canada, Newzealand, Australia and England to name a few.

This way, you might be able to find yourself in your dream country if you're concerned about documents and all.

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