Please say with conviction that Believing is Achieving.

One Way to Success. This Success Support System Welcomes You With One Goal, One Passion and One Team. (One Goal means A Goal that is an integration of all goals of people in the network, One Passion is the combined passion and One Team means We are all in the same boat).

This is deemed Once in a lifetime life opportunity. A Different way of living life.

Please affirm, Believing is achieving and consider this as one of the easiest way to success.

There are 4 types of people categorized on the basis of time and money.

1. No money and lots of time. - College Students, Unemployed Individuals, Elders, Retired Professionals.
2. Lots of Money but no Time.
- Top-level management, Doctors, And Highly paid Engineers.
3. No Money and No Time - Avg. salaried professionals and Institute Managers.
4. Lot of Money with Lot of Time - Amninder Singh, High-Level Network Marketing Professionals, Robert Kiyosaki, High-Level Digital Marketing Freelancers.

Please affirm, Believing is achieving, and consider this as one of the easiest ways to succeed.

There are 7 Common Dreams that almost all of us share.

1. To Possess Digital Devices of Brands Like Apple, Microsoft, Google and OnePlus.
2. To Travel Abroad like Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand.
3. To own a range luxury car(s) from Car Brands like BMW, Porsche, Lamborgini and Nexa.
4. To have an income of 8 Figures a Month i.e. Rs. 10,00,00,00 per month.
5. To Possess Sports Bikes Like BMW MotoRad.
6. To own 2 BHK Flats, Rented Apartments, Lands, Bungalows, Mansions, Villas and Bungalows.
7. To have an ample amount of time to talk and sit lovingly and comfortably with your wife, kids and parents. To love her means to give her time (Quality and Quantity.)

Corporate Who Becomes Rich Because of Customers

1. Pepsodent
2. Lux
3. Parle
4. Coke, Pepsi, Thumbs Up, Limca, Coca-Cola, Minute-maid, Dairy Milk.
5. Tata Tea
6. Maggi.
7. Fair & Lovely.
8. India Gate Basmati Rice.
9. All Out Good Night.
10. Mobile Brands Like Redmi, Oppo, Google and Microsoft, Nokia. 

The Marketing Model Story (Jago Grahak Jago!)

1. A customer purchases a product from a retail shop for Rs. 100.00.
2. A Dealer sold that item to the retailer for Rs. 90.00
3. Dealers bought that product from Distributors through Advertsing for Rs. 50.00
4. Distributors received that product from C&F Agents for Rs 37.00 per product in bulk order.
5. C& F Agents picked 10,00,000 products from the Manufactures for Rs. 36.00
6. The cost of manufacturing was Rs. 35.00 per product.

Do you want to have that 65% profit in your pockets? Then quickly become A Direct seller. (Click Here)

For you and your family's happy and self-dependent future, SafeShop works in 5 sectors with a motto of "Trust is Success". These sectors are Education, Wellness & Healthcare, Fashion, Technology & Security.

Safeshop got registered in January 2001 under the Companies Act 1956 (Read PDF). The registered name of the brand is - Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Office Address of SafeShop is - A-3/24, Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110058. It is an ISO Certified 9001: 2008 Certified Co.

The website is It needs lots of interface improvements but if you're worried about designs and all then it could be considered 'okay'.

The Market Trends

1950 - Plastic
1960 - Oil
1970 - Automobile
1980 - Computer
1990 - Telecom STD-PCO
2000 - Information Technology
2010 - Network Marketing
Now - Direct Selling Industry

Direct Selling is ECommerce. All companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Big Bazaar, Snapdeal are fundamentally executing Direct Selling through Online Portals.

The 21 Amazing Brands in SafeShop are

1. SafeAir.
2. SafeTravel.
3. SafeRider
4. Haoma
5. Zeno
6. Laranya Lavanya - Graceful. Beautiful. Woman.
7. Mia Kasa
8. Zibaldi
9. Scotch Moda
10. Vimal
11. Stivali
12. Grasim Easy Dressing For The Self Made Man.
13. Euro House Commitment to Excellence
14. Raymond
15. Bronswik Mens Fashion
16. Park Avcnue
17. King Luther
18. Rasoi Premium Grocery Essentials
19. Homex
20. Club Burgoyne Prestige Irish Linen Since 1912.
21. Grado Luxury Fabrics & Apparels.

Safeshop Range of Products (9 in Total)

1. Fashion Premium Products.
2. Daily Need Products. (See Pammi's Kitchen)
3. Herbal Health Products
4. Kitchenware Bartan
5. Personal Essential Products.
6. Bathroom Products
7. Digital Smart Star with Talking Ted.
8. World's First Talking Gita.
9. World's First Talking Chalisa

The 3 Shopping Options A Person Always Have.

1. To purchase from A Retail Store i.e A Shop/Mall on M.R.P.
2. To purchase from a Factory Outlet with a Discount on M.R.P.
3. To Purchase from SafeShop with A Discount on M.R.P + Commissions.

Business Expectations and The Unlimited Scope.

1. How much would be the Investment - Minimum.
2. How much would be the profits - Huge.
3. Risk - Nothing.
4. Scope - Unlimited.

The Process To Be Executed

Analyse a range of products from Safeshop by reading about them.
Select Few That You feel are useful for your life.
Promote creatively to secure your bright future.

9 Types of Income & Benefits

1. Quality Products.
2. Discount on MRP.
3. Team Income.
4. Booster Income.
5. Rank Income.
6. Travel & Car Fund Income.
7. Repurchase Income
8. Retail Income.
9. Free International Tours.
10. ACPC Income (Pension)

The True Power of Promotion. Promote Every Thing You Feel Would Add Up To Your Value.

"We are not Salesman. we are only brand promoters" That's why not to explicitly sale. That's why to demonstrate and setup logistics for ease of the customer and/or new associate.

Source of Income

Ultra Business Income Plan

In Ultra Business Income Plan, You are involved with 3 Groups with You. These groups are Blue Group, Amber Group and Purple Group respectively. 

For eg, 2 Individuals join you and get associated with you with 2000 BV each. BV - Business Value Points. One is associated on Left and the Other is Associated on Right.

The Team Business and Self Ref. Income would be -

Team Business Income 1 BV = ₹ 2.5
Self Ref. Income 1 BV = ₹ 2.0

Your This Week Income ₹ 1400.00

Total Income : Team Business Income BV 400 x 2.5 = ₹ 1000.00 | Self Income - BV 200 * 2 = ₹ 400.00

The Concept of Booster Income.

Your 3rd Reference is considered as 'Booster' for your Income.

3rd Reference Income 200 BV x ₹ 22.50 = ₹ 4500.00

Note : If you've decided to do this business then let your 3rd reference purchase as much as possible. The more the 3rd reference purchases, the more would be the money that comes back in your account. The first two references can just purchase a small token product to start this process. (To be Tested!)

A + B = ₹ 1400.00 & C = ₹ 4500.00. 

Ultra Business Income Plan with the Power of Team Work. The concept of power of Team work is based on Series of Power 2. When Team grows with a power of 2 every month. i.e 2 Pow(1) = 2. 2 Pow(2) = 4, 2 Pow(3) = 8 and so on till 2 Pow(12) = 8190 Team Members. 

This much of team can help you make an income of Rs. 40,95000 i.e around 40 Lakhs and 95 Thousand Rupees.

The Power of Team Work as Experienced By Me with the SafeShop Associates. If you're a good candidate and you are sincere about this business then Safeshop Uplines and Officials would take the burden of building one leg usually left leg for you and you would be given the responsibility of building your right lef in the blue group. This would reduce Half of your Network Loads right from Day One.

Self or Team Work.

1. 1st Week - 200 * 2 BV = 400 BV
2. 2nd Week = 200 * 2 Pow(2) = 800 BV
3. 3rd Week = 200 * 2Pow(3) = 1200 BV

Total Earnings in 3 Weeks is 2400 * 2.5 = ₹ 6000.00

Above calculation varies as there could be and would be Booster Incomes (In Booster Income, 1 BV is 22.50)  and you can do business simultaneously in 3 groups. 

If total Business Volume you have made is 40,000 BV then Total Earnings as per to this pattern is going to be 40,000 * 2,5 = ₹ 1,00,000.00

The Potential of Earning from the Ultra Business Income Plan (Power of Exponential Growth with Team Work)

If you do purchasing of 200 BV every month then,

100% 16,00,000 BV (approx.) = Rs. 40,00000
50% = Rs. 20,00000
10% - Rs. 4,00000

So even if you do 10% Business based on this conceptual understanding, you might end up with 4,00,000 at the end of a fiscal year which is appreciable.

Curse of Exponential Pain. If all people are fighting for money and are hurting a lot then there would be a power of exponential pain in the system. Exponents are amazing.

Total Expected Income (BAAP of All Plans)

Team Business Caping Income = ₹ 2,00,000 + ₹ 2,40,000 + ₹ 2,60,000 = ₹ 7,00,000
Team Repurchase Income = ₹ 2,00,000 + ₹ 2,00,000 + ₹ 2,00,000 = ₹6,00,000

Total Caping Income in a Week ₹ 13,00,000 
Total Caping Income in a Month ₹ 13,00,000 * 4 = ₹ 52,00,000
Total Caping Income in a Year ₹ 13,00,000 * 4 * 12 = ₹ 6.24 Cr.

The Legendary Power of Team Work.

SafeShop Business is designed to be along with your life and after your life as well.

1. Late. Shri. Arjun Ji from Chennai who was Ex. Hav. AMC Corp passed away in July 2020. Even then His  wife Shrimati NaagLaxmi receives Lakhs of Rupees. every month.

Even She purchased a Dream Car BMW X5 for her son on 04 Sept. 2021 (From Which Showroom?)

2. SafeShop Business Helped Late. Sarnaam Singh Ji (Branch Manager, Oriental Bank of Commerce) and Shri. Avdhesh Yadav (UP Police) Families as well in the similar fashion.

Active Income and Passive Income. You can earn lots of money actively by working for 1 year, 5 year, 10 years and for 35 years in the Job Culture. Problem with Job culture is the time lock and time selling issue. If you're okay with it then great! Else switch to other model of earning eventually but completely which is Passive Income. i.e. Income starts manifesting itself in 6 months, then 12 months it grows on its own and eventually in 24 months and 36 months, It keeps on manifesting and growing for you on its own. It is more like starting an engine and letting the train run on its track without being in the drivers seat or in the travellers seat.

Income & Expenses Survey

Average Amt. required for living per month.
1950 - Rs. 20.00
1970 - Rs. 200.00
1990 - Rs. 2000.00
2010 - Rs. 20,000.00
2030 - Rs. 2,00,000.00 

Challenge is to live a month for Rs. 20.00 in 2021 like a poor person do with no lights and no facilities at home. (A Cheema Foundation Initiative)

Challenge is to live on Rs. 200.00 like Sages do and did. (A Cheema Foundation Initiative)

Challenge is to spend a month on Rs. 2000.00 when you become a Millionare. (A Cheema Foundation Initiative)

Challenge is to spend Rs. 20,000 when you have become a Billionare. (A Cheema Foundation Initiative)

Challenge is to break his pattern intentionally to lovingly spend and/or contribute Rs. 2,00,000 a month after 5 months of hardships that you spent learning. 
(A Cheema Foundation Initiative)

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