Safeshop Health Care Has 5 Categories to talk about. These categories are -

1. Personal Care
2. Nutrition
3. Food-Supplement
4. Baby-Products
5. Ayurveda

SafeShop Personal Care is all about the Haoma Brand Products.
SafeShop Nutrition is also about Hoama with 2 of its products.
Food Supplement has one product - Haoma Strong Bone Health.
Baby Products have Hugs & Cuddles brand products. The complete package costs just Rs. 7788.00 for a customer and around 5000 for a Direct Seller. Join as a Direct Seller for Immediate Discounts.

Safeshop Ayurveda Products are -

1. Haoma Afresh Koff Kare Syrup Duo
2. Haoma New Livocare Syrup Duo
3. Haoma Digestion Organic Bilwa By Sri Sri Tattva
4. Haoma Fresh Herbal Toothpaste (100gms) (pack Of 6)
5. Haoma Stress Reliever Organic Ashwagandha By Sri Sri Tattva
6. Haoma Spirulina A New Immunity Capsules (100n)
7. Haoma Fresh Herbal Soap Pack Of 12pcs
8. Haoma Empowered Chyawanprash By Sri Sri Tattva
9. Haoma Health Solution Joint Pain Capsule (100 Caps)
10. Haoma Improved Garcinia Cambogia (100 Caps)
11. Haoma Bhringraj Brahmi Shining Herbal Hair Tonic Oil (pack Of 2)
12. Haoma New Diaba Care 500ml (pack Of 2)
13. Haoma Fresh Aloe Vera With Kesar And Green Tea
14. Haoma Energising Amla Tulsi Syrup
15. Haoma Noni Premium (1000 Ml) Duo
16. Immunity Health Booster Pack By Sri Sri Tattva
17. Haoma Pain Oil Sexta Pack

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