1. It is a good practice to give hand signals as well while you're turning.

2. While making a journey in Foggy conditions, you should follow other vehicles' tail lights, maintain a good safe distance from the vehicle in front and switch on fog lamps.

3. Assessing road conditions ahead at 6-sec intervals should be done continuously while driving a vehicle.

4. You start to feel tired while driving. You should simply pull over at a safe place to rest. Don't try to fight the pace every time.

5. A red traffic light means you must stop behind the white stop line.

6. If you notice stray animals on the road. You should be prepared to slow down.

7. You are driving past a lane of parked cars. You notice a ball bouncing out into the road ahead. You need to drive slow as there may be children playing behind park cars.

8. The main hazard you should be aware of when following a cyclist is that the cyclist may swerve out into the road.

9. A properly adjusted head restraint will help you to avoid neck injury.


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