1. When Turning Your Vehicle on the road you should check all around for other road users.

2. You're mobile phone rings while you're traveling. You should pull up at a suitable safe place.

3. You are most likely to lose concentration while driving if you use a mobile phone.

4. You are approaching a Zebra crossing on uncontrolled crossing pedestrians are waiting to cross. You should slow down and prepare to stop.

5. Use the mirrors before stopping to make sure nobody is behind you.

6. When you're moving off from behind a parked car you should look around before you move off, use all the mirrors on the vehicle and give a signal.

7. When being followed by an ambulance showing a flashing beacon you should pull over safely as soon as possible to let it pass.

8. Remove all valuables when leaving your vehicle.

9. When parking and leaving your vehicle you should stop the vehicle in a safe place without obstructing others, Apply a hand brake and lock the vehicle by engaging the steering & door lock.

10. While overtaking two-wheelers, you should leave as much room as you would for a car.

11. On a three-lane motorway, the Centre should be used by a car driver.

12. You should not park or wait with your four-wheeler at a bus stop, In such a way that another parked car gets obstructed and in front of someone else's gate.

13. The right-hand lane used on a three-lane expressway is used for Overtaking.

14. When leaving your vehicle, you should park it in a secure car park.

15. You should not park or wait in a no parking zone, at or near a bus stand, and within 10 meters of a junction.

To be continued.

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