1. An Older person's driving ability could be affected because they may be unable to drive quickly.
2. You should not use a mobile phone whilst driving because it might distract you from the road.
3. You're taking drugs that are likely to affect your driving. You should seek medical advice before driving.
4. While driving you to approach a large puddle that is close to the left-hand curb. Pedestrians are close to the water. You should slow down before the puddle and try to avoid splashing the pedestrians.
5. You should be patient and give the elderly sufficient time to cross the road.
6. As a new driver, you can decrease your risk of accidents on the road by taking further training.
7. You've been involved in an argument before starting your journey. This has made you feel angry. You should calm down before you start to drive.
8. A Driver's behavior has upset you. It may help if you stop and take a break.
9. You should use your horn to alert others of your presence.
10. Be familiar with the position of controls before driving a new vehicle.
11. The first thing that alcohol affects is judgment.
12. You're invited to a dinner party. You know you will have to drive at night. You should not drink any alcohol at all.
13. Go Home by Public Transport is the best advice you can give to a driver who has had a few alcoholic drinks at a party.
14. Drugs, Loud Music, and Tiredness can affect your concentration, other than alcoholic drinks.

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