1. White Base and Black Numerals should be the Color Scheme for Number Plates for Private Vehicles.
2. If you have a valid driving license for a light motor vehicle then you're allowed to drive a motor car only.
3. If you meet with an accident while driving a vehicle, without a valid driving license, the insurance company will not compensate for damages.
4. Learner's License is valid for 6 months
5. PUCC stands for Pollution Under Control Certificate.
6. Minimum age to obtain a car driving license is 18 years.
7. If Your car is involved in an accident hurting people, you should immediately take the person to the nearest hospitals and report to Police.
8. It is an offense to obstruct the clear vision of your number plate.
9. You are Not Allowed to use a handheld mobile phone while driving a car.
10. Third Party Cover is the minimum type of insurance every person using a motorized vehicle should hold.
11. A motor driving license issued in any state of India is valid throughout India.

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