The three main requirements for obtaining Learner's License are -

1. You must be more than 18 years to obtain a Learner's Driving License.

2. Some Age proof of yours is needed. It could be an Attested Copy - Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Passport, etc. as mentioned on the website of the Transport Department.

3. Address Proof. Address Proof could be Ration Card, Voter ID Card, Electricity or Telephone Bill, etc. This can be verified with the website or checked with the RTO.

Please contact the RTO office under whose jurisdiction you reside. 

You can apply for Learner's License using application forms 1, 1A & 2.

Please submit the above-mentioned documents along with 3 latest passport size photographs with fee as applicable. 

You may find a theoretical test being conducted on computer/paper depending upon the facilities available with the RTO. To successfully pass the exam, a minimum of 60 % marks is required.

Now the approved list of Identity Proof/Age Proof, No. of Photographs, Fee & Minimum Marks to be achieved may vary from State to State.

After a few days are passed, You will obtain a Learner's License which is valid for 6 months. By possessing the learner's license you can -

1. Learn the specified class of Vehicles throughout India but you can drive the car only with a person who possesses a permanent license and is in a position to control the vehicle in an emergency.

2. Your vehicle must display an "L" sign in front and rear of the car as per the dimensions given. On an 18 X 18 square sheet, a 9 X 2 X 10 cms symbol is needed.

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