The first thing that attracts Indian parents about Packages and fixed sources of income is Certainty. It is certain that if you work well, you will be paid a fixed amount at the end of the month.

This fixed amount lets you think and plan ahead in the future. That, If you earn Rs. 50,000 per month then you will be able to afford that special thing that you always wanted to have.

Then the next thing that feels good in this way of living is familiarity. Familiarity is the basic need of all. This is more important that the need of love. 

Parents are usually familiar with this sense of 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM job model in the work culture as they served and worked in the similar fashion in their own days of service.

With these two things in mind, the problem arises as follows - 

There is time lock. Time lock signifies that If you're being paid to sit on a desk for 8 hours a day then you're supposed to be there as you're being paid. This violates a sense of freedom and a human mind is not deserved to function well in that pattern.

If this doesn't bother you at all then you're good to go. But if it does then I would recommend to start freelancing in your field and begin to grow your income. 

and probably, a day would come when you can actually leave your desk carefree and feel good about it.

The second problem  is the unwanted  sense of superiority in the senior ranks and sense of inferiority in the junior ranks. I have witness countless people with countless incidents when they were being morally scrutinized so heavily just because they didn't attend the phone call and the same scenario gets repeated once the person moves to higher positions.

The third problem is - The concern of being fixed. If a company decides how much you're worth and how much should you be earning that felt like to me being judged and accordingly settled within the system that belongs to somebody else.

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