Google Advertisement Course Handout By Cheema Foundation

1. Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

2. The results are shown in Google Results with a Tag- 'Ad' is called Google Ads Results.

3. Websites, Videos/Photos, and FAQs are the kinds of results shown on Google when you perform a search.

4. Google Ads are a really important type of advertisement nowadays because you search for something when you want it.

5. Negative keywords can be applied to Adgroup, Campaign, and even to all campaigns in an account.

6. You can set up daily budgets in Google Ads.

7. You can easily set up your ads timings (Start time and end time).

8. You can run Google Ads as low as Rs. 50.00 per day budget.

9. You can target your city with Google Ads.

10. The idea is you can use Google Ads to get calls on your mobile phone.

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