1. The temperature gauge indicates the Engine temperature.
2. You can choose to reset the Trip meter.
3. Odometer shows the total distance covered by the vehicle.
4. If while driving, the engine oil pressure low warning light comes on, you should stop the engine immediately and call your workshop.
5. Speedometer, Horn, and Windscreen wiper must be in good working order for your car to be roadworthy.
6. Rearview mirror is for viewing the traffic approaching from behind.
7. Handbrake is used to control a skid.
8. The most effective device for protecting passengers when in an accident, is seat belts.
9. You borrow a friend's car and find that the position of the driver's seat puts you sitting a long way from the steering wheel and controls. You should adjust the seat so it's right for you.
10. Mirrors are often slightly curved (Convex) so that they give a wider field of vision.

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