1. Choose to start the engine when you have to actually start moving, many times we keep on talking with friends before moving off with the engine on.

2. Switch off engine on traffic signals where stop time is more than 15 seconds.

3. Use following speed and gear selection -
a) 1st gear for moving off till 10 Kmph.
b) 11 to 20 kmph use 2nd gear.
c) 21 to 30 kmph use 3rd Gear.
d) 4th Gear - 31 to 40 Kmph.
e) 5th Gear - 40+ Kmph

4. Try to drive in 5th gear as much as possible. Yes. it is a fuel saving tip.

5. For overtaking purposes, use 3rd or 4th gear, do not try to overtake on 5th gear.

6. Do not try to move off in 2nd gear.

7. Do not ride clutch pedal.

8. To control speed do not use clutch, this will increase fuel consumption and wear & tear of the clutch. To reduce speed, if safe, simply remove foot from Accelerator.

9. On seeing a red signal for a distance do not press clutch or bring the vehicle to neutral instead keep as cruising in 4/5th gear till you reach stopping point.

10. Keep tyre pressure to recommended level.

11. Keep your air filter clean.

12. For quick cooling on a hot sunny warm day -
a) Open all the doors.
b) Roll Down Windows.
c) Switch on Blower on Full Blow.
d) Switch on AC.
e) Close Doors and Windows.

This method will reduce load on A/C Compressor will thus save fuel.

13. While moving off, switch off A/C, switch on again when you reach to speed of 10 kmph at traffic signals.

14. Avoid accelerating very hard as this action consumes lots of fuel.

15. Do not carry unnecessary things in car, they increase the load on compressor.

15. Shift to 'recirculation mode' while A/C is on. Keep all windows fully rolled up.

16. Avoid luggage & Carrier on roof as it increase drag.

17. Always drive with window closed as open windows increase drag.

18. Plan your trips, combine multiple jobs, select the rout  with less traffic. Car pool is also a good solution.

19. Get your vehicle serviced regularly as per maintenance schedule.

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