Regular Eye Care Routine

Lovingly wash your eyes 3 times a day with cold water in summers and Luke warm in winters.

1. Visual Detox

Visual Detox works on a simple concept of "Visual Darkness". In 2022, we are absorbing too much light. Both artificial and real because of technological advancements in areas of electricity and the work culture.

If after a full day's work, you execute a visual detox routine. Even that would not suffice. Visual detox needs to be executed as you are working throughout the day.

A simple way to execute a visual detox routine is to put a clean handkerchief around your eyes. And if needed sleep. If not needed then you can simply sit with the handkerchief over your eyes.

This can be done at night as well. When doing, please do not tighten the handkerchief too much.

The results could be astounding as it would begin to naturally release the visual stress build-ups in your system. Hence much more relaxed to work and function throughout the day.

Eyes are precious and are supposed to be loved as much as we love our girlfriend, mother, father, and friends.

Basic Eye Checkups. In Our Eyecare Campaign, the recommended pattern is to have regular eye checkups from a well certified doctor rather from a lens store.. Dr. KD from KD Eye Hospitals recommends Eye checkups in intervals of 6 months. 

Honorable brand mentions are for Eye Check-Ups. (Are Eye Checkups Free?)

Once you're aware of your various eye problems or your friend's and family's eye problems, you can begin to put in only recommended eye drops and eat what is being recommended.

Doctor Recommended Eye Drops

As I got my eyes tested from  

3. Eye Nutrition with Dr. 

4. Nutrition Products

6. SageLens

Wear Anti-glare glasses to avoid the enterance of Blue light in your eyes. 

7. Problems with Long Term use of Spectacles

8. Eyes Naturopathy - Long Distance Walking.

9. Eyes Allopathy

10. Eyes Acupressure & Acupuncture

In the words of Dr. Anirudh Tehran, our therapy has acupressure and Acupuncture points along our spine, where when therapy is being given along with Infra-red rays and tourmanium stones, multiple beneficial effects are found on the patient's eyes. 

You don't need to believe all this. But when you experience it and let your body tell you about it then that would be practically beneficial for you. 

Then secondly, we have health supplements specially designed for eye care. Due to low-quality synthetic supplements and/or abuse of high-quality supplements, the problem arises.

So, it is always recommended to choose to consume high-quality supplements with the advice of a certified nutritional advisor(s). Doing so, can manage and even reverse a number of chronic ailments.

It is usually the abuse of the high-quality supplement that causes problems. If given in a controlled manner under the guidance of a certified specialist then the outcomes can be managed.

11. Eye Exercises 

12. Eyes Homeopathy.

13. Eyes Surgery (Bladeless Recommended)

14. Eyes Products Care and Procedures.

Vestige Eye Support.

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