How to Get Ready for Driving -

1. 10 Necessary Pre-Driving Checks.
a) Take a round of your car to check for the necessary things.
b) Under the hood, check for various fluid levels  whether they are in right quantity.
c) Never open radiator Cap when engine is hot.
d) While sitting on driver seat check for any malfunction indicator.
e) Ensure that there is no bottle or other object which can roll under the pedals.
f) Parking brake area, dash panel etc. should be kept clear of any loose articles.
g) Adjust seat and mirrors as per to your convenience.
h) Adjust steering column and seat belt pivoting point on centre pillar as per to your ease. If your car is equipped with these features.
I) Make sure you've all the necessary documents and driving license.
j) Check for fuel level, plan route in advance so that you save fuel if required for refueling. is it okay to keep fuels in bottles like that?

Some specific scenarios of getting started.

1. Sitting Posture.
2. Pregnant Woman.
3. Infants.
4. Children.
5. Pets.
6. Starting the engine.
7. Moving Off.
8. Using steering.
9. Stopping Your Vehicle.
10. Emergency Stop.
11. Gear Changing.
12. Start - Stop Traffic/Speed Control.

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