The 5 main benefits of drinking Alkaline water are -

1. Fatloss and Weightloss as It Controls Digestion.
2. Body Detox as It Removes Heavy Metals From The Body.
3. Hydration as It helps the body to better absorb the water.
4. Healthy Skin i.e. A Younger Look.
5. Good Digestion as it hydrates the intake tract.
6. Improves Muscles and Joints as it helps them to get strongly binded.
7. Experience of Positive Energy as It has Power of Hydrogen in it.

As per Deepak Ji (A Certified Physiotherapist), Healing actions would occur initially i.e You might feel some stomach ache and then might get some loose motions. 

Within the next 1 - 2 days, after healing, you would come back to the normal state.

As per his opinion, 3 - 4 liters of Alkaline water is enough for a normal-sized person.

Please visit Korean Physiotherapy website to see the product details.

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