Basics of Accounting

-Take Customer's Daily Sales & Purchase Bills.
-Maintain Their Data in Excel Files or in any accounting software.
-Return Filing usually after a month.
-To identify the Transaction from source documents, like Purchase, Sale, Payment, Receipt, Record the Transaction as a Journal Entry, and its Ledgers accounts.
-To Prepare a Balance Sheet
-To Prepare Profits & Loss Sheets.

The Four Service Packages we provide are -

1. Accounting - Package 1 (Upto 20L Turnover)
2. Accounting - Package 2 (Upto 50L Turnover)
3. Accounting - Package 3 (Upto 1 Crore Turnover)
4. Accounting - Package 4 (Upto 1.5 Crore Turnover)

The Available Accounting Services as such are -

1. Balance Sheet & Profit Loss Account.
2. CA Certification of Balance Sheet (1 Crore and above)
3. CA Certification of Balance Sheet (20 Lacs to 50 Lacs)
4. CA Certification of Balance Sheet (25 Lacs to 50 Lacs)
5. CA Certification of Balance Sheet (Upto 20 Lacs)

Monthly Accounting Package/ GST Book Keeping / Digitalk Tax Payment.

Q Why Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is needed?
Ans: DSC is needed when you're doing your GST Registration.

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