1. You must obey the sign giving orders. These signs are mostly in Red/Blue circles.
2. 3 Types of Road Signs are there.

The 'Prohibited' and 'No' Sign

1. No Entry Sign
2. All Motor Vehicles Prohibited.
3. Vehicles Prohibited in Both Directions.
4. Right Turn Prohibted.
5. U-Turn Prohibited.
6. Overtaking Prohibited.
7. Horn Prohibited.
8. Length Limit.
9. Speed Limit.
10. Load Limit.
11. Height Limit.
12. Width Limit.
13. No parking.
14. No stopping.

The Compulsory Blue Signs
1. Ahead Only.
2. Turn Right Ahead.
3. Turn Left.
4. Ahead or Turn Left.
5. Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right.
6. Compulsory Cycle Track.

Road Signs with Meanings. The informatory road sign is a square and the Mandatory road sign is a circle.

1. Stop Sign
2. Give way Sign.
3. Right-Hand Curve.
4. Left-Hand Curve.
5. Hair pin bend right.
6. Hair Pin Bend Left.
7. Right Reverse Bend.
8. Steep Ascent.
9. Steep Descent.
10. Narrow Road Ahead.
11. Wide Road Ahead.
12. Narrow Bridge.
13. Slippery Road.
14. Loose gravel.
15. Pedestrian Crossing.
16. School Ahead.
17. Men at work.
18. Falling rocks.
19. Cross Road Signs.
20. Gap in the median Sign.
21. Roundabout
22. Major Road ahead.
23. Dangerous Dip.
24. Hump on Rough Road.
25. Unguarded Railway Crossing 100 meters ahead.
26. Petrol Pump.
27. Hospital.
28. First aid post.
29. No Through Road

Road Markings

1. Cross it when it is safe to do so but should come back to your lane after overtaking.
2. A continuous yellow line or white line in the center of the road indicates that you may cross it. Avoid as far as possible.
3. Speed limit signs indicate the maximum speed permissible in a zone.
4. While approaching a pedestrian crossing which is controlled by a traffic signal, the signal has turned green for you but the pedestrians are still crossing. Slow down and give way to Pedestrians.
5. If a policeman on duty has signaled you to stop then you will not go forward when the signal lights are in your favor.
6. If You're driving a Vehicle towards an intersection where there is a flashing yellow light, you should slow down and proceed with caution.
7. A flashing red light at an intersection means you should stop, give way to vehicles in the priority road, and proceed only when the way is clear.
8. When you have approached the middle of an intersection, the green signal has just changed to amber, you should see, that if you have crossed the intersection, cross the intersection with caution.
9. As you approach the stop line at the intersection you see the light from amber, You should get ready to stop before the stop line.
10. Stop Signal from the Traffic Police.
11. While driving, to make a right turn, the proper hand signal is to extend the right hand in a horizontal position outside and to the right of the vehicle.
12. While driving you decide to stop immediately, the correct hand signal is to extend the right arm & bend the elbow at right angles, and turning the palm to the front.

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