The name of today's recommended product in the Eternal Healing campaigns segment is 2 Channel T.E.N.S The total cost of the Kit would be conveyed at the end of this blog post.

Benefits of 2 Channel T.E.N.S

The benefits of this Device are -

1. Vibrating Handles are going to soothe people who have suffered from Paralysis.
2. The vibrating foot can help manage foot symptoms of blood sugar.
3. It relieves nerve, spine, joint pain and knee pain.

You can use this device 3 times a day where each session can last for as long as 30 minutes.

Specifications of the 2 Channel T.E.N.S

1. Frequency Box.
2. Connecting Wires - Red Wires and Black Wires.
3. Vibrating Handles.
4. Vibrating Footwear.

This device is more preferred by Army personnel as they live tough lifestyles. It will readily help them release their pain points.

How Does This Device Work?

The concept behind this healing device is -"Vibration Therapy". When blood flow gets disrupted due to clots in the body, we experience discomfort and pain. Once, such knots are given vibration, the release of blood in the nerves feels good and positive.

A business idea to spread this could be to conduct camps in association and after permission of Defense forces. If you're certified then that is an added benefit, if not then do have a certified physiotherapist in your campaign who can share his knowledge. 

How much This Would Cost?

The M.R.P of this device is Rs. 5000.00. Tap Here to Order on Whatsapp with Order Code: Cheema Foundation to avail on Non-Profits Rates.

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