"To Grow and Contribute".

Were you looking to read something inspirational on the internet today. Something that can inspire you to continue your struggles and eventually become successful in life. With the unshakable acts of karma, The man is supersonic in his talks about Innovation, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and especially Metaverse with Boxfy Innovative Services and some out of the box products and projects. The man is going to be leading the industry soon. 

A simple question - Why do you find The best minds in Business as The Kings and Rulers of Today?

When you have strong will. The real manin you shines forth". A zeal to achieve success is bound to come; says a man who believes in creating better living standards for the society. After struggling the hardships beyond normal situations. The walks on the podium. 

This is the journey of Mr. Ajay Sharma, who started with struggles to fight for bread and butter for himself and his family. Believing work is the most important aspect of his life after his mother, he shines forth.

He is an accomplished Giga Tech Innovator (G.T.I), Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Prime Educator, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Blockchain Solution Architect, A Strong Community Organizer and a well-known friend of Disruptive Ideas.

To provide better employment, health, ideas and clients to our society, Ajay ji has started Boxyfyn to create better opportunities in the field of education, learning and project development. Boxyfyn is dealing with Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Blockchain and MetaVerse.

 I feel honored to witness the creator of Boxfy himself.

Boxfyn is the leading Bockchain Development Company in India. Other client-oriented services provided are - 

1. Cryptocurrency Development
2. NFTs
3. Realities
4. Virtual Reality (V.R.)
5. Augmented Reality (A,R,)
6. Mixed Reality (M.R.) 
7. Development Services include – Websites,Web apps, Mobile Application and the trending Metaverse Development.

As it is believed that hard work pays, it is well seen from the journey of Mr. Ajay Sharma. Presently, as you are reading this article, He has already created the source of income for 151+ employees in the Group today and aspires to provide job to more than One Lakh People in the coming decade (10 years).

The light which awakens him is his strong belief in god (A Believer) and his understanding of the world, With such thoughts, sitting in office and working hard like really pushing the things to be their extremes are his features of entrepreneurship.

A growth mindset is always needed expresses Ajay sir in his Josh Talk below.

Instead of getting down with the situations, Ajay developed a strong will to make his future bright. He promised himself to work towards creating a better life for him and others. The hardships taught him the values of life and in every way to think beyond the situations.

Ajay ji is a man of his words. With his Disruptive marketing style he belongs to the Entrepreneurship world.

He is a native of Dev Bhumi, the soil of Himachal Pradesh. He started his carrier back in 1997, while he himself was a student. He came to Chandigarh and started working as D.T.P in Hindi, English & Punjabi in a company at just a salary of Rs 751.00.

This was the time when he used to ride an average bicycle and reach the workplace. These were the days of rain and he was able to make sources for his food somehow. While making this money for his living he started learning advanced programs on computers and started working overtime, joined his friends and gave tuition after job hours.

In 2002 he and his friends took a place on rent and started taking Computer coachings, now rent and making profit was a challenge, he used to work from early 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM for rent and then started his schedule 09:00 AM onwards.

He invested a huge amount of 'ten' to 'twenty' hours a day in learning and transforming to make money. This routine continued for almost two years and now he is a legend and considered proficient in IT technologies of Computer Graphics and Animation.

In 2006, they did more than 70 projects for leading brands (MNCs). While he was cultivating his goal, God became kind and MNCs kept offering him freelance IT works.

The work from the MNCs remained consistent and Mr. Ajay developed a team to deliver IT projects to these companies. At the end of the year 2006 when He responsibly developed his own IT team. MNCs sneaked in with a strong desire to acquire his company. 

So, Mr. Ajay had no other option because of the tough times. Now this man became the board member and worked as an employee for the company. He worked for almost two years within the same company and later decided to quit the job.

In 2009 while the country was in recession he quit his job and once again became jobless in his life. His life took a turn when all left him including his own people and unfortunately, his own family.

When he tried to share his work ideas to many people, all considered him a complete failure and made him realize several times that he had taken the wrong decision and is on the wrong path.

While all was dark, a ray of hope deep inside. He eloped from the systems for more than three months, re-energized and came back like a true warrior, god became wise and one gentleman believed his ideas and invested on his ideas, he took a small lab in sector 34A Chandigarh and from that lab, the story gained momentum by the name "Morph Academy.“ 

During the same time, Ajay started teaching the rural masses free of cost and making them skilled for his excellent work in IT and other fields for the underprivileged he achieved the “Hameer Pride Award” from the Himachal government.

This rebuilt man who came with powers in 2009 did wonders in the past ten years, Today Ajay has established eleven companies. Today his teams are pioneers in the fields of IT , design, Fashion and production providing international platforms. 

Ajay is now focusing on our Prime Ministers motto “Digital India” and looks forward to providing jobs to villagers. He Says his new line of business is the online C2C portal which will provide "Ghr Ghr Rozgaar". 

Ajay Sharma’s line of businesses today include Zuri -
1. Beauty & Wellness.
2. Big Fashion Academy (BFA)
3. Flyton Air hostess and hospitality course and training.
4. Morph Academy for photography, animation, graphics and print media.
5. Franchise Business Opportunities In India
6. Chandigarh Music Academy - sound engineering and music production.
7. BigBoxx Professional Academy Delivering Skills - Social, Media IoT, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 
Boxfy- Film & Music Production House.
8. Boxfyn 
  a. Cryptocurrency development.
  b. ICO
  c. bitcoin wallet development
  d. Crypto currency trading platform development
  e. Web development.
  f. Digital marketing services
  g. mobile application development. 

Besides all this, Mr. Ajay is into a) event management, b) public speaking and c) owns a TestDel UK Ltd.- software testing company in London.

Ajay Sharma says - young minds are never junk till the time they have a fire to create wealth by giving not taking." 

As per the available data, Ajay has created minimum 200+ entrepreneurs who are masters in the field and contributing to nations' GDP.

He is an accomplished Tech Innovation Professional, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Educator, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Blockchain Solution Architect, Community organizer and friend of disruptive ideas.

To close the deal quickly, I would like to say - the amazing success story of Chandigarh Entrepreneur - ajay sharma is worth your reading time.



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