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Summary:Namecheap Personal Experience
Affordable Domain Names
Domain Ownership Transfer is Free

Internet causes you to read more and more. I would say, if people start writing reviews with their personal experiences then information overload can be reduced in this world.

I would like to tell you about Namecheap - They are good, you know.

I experienced two good things with them. First is about domain names. The domain names being offered are compartively affordable.

A '.com' domain name from Google Domains is more than $10.00 (INR 750+) for a year whereas the .com domain from namecheap costed me only $8.96 (INR 672/-) for a year

The next thing is, I needed to give my domain to someone else. I was expecting Namecheap to charge me some money or maybe charge to the new owner of the domain but they didn't.

The Domain Ownership transfer is free within Namecheap.

With these two Good Experiences, I would like to recommend Namecheap for Domains.

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