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Hello Friends, Myself Amninder Singh and You're reading my 90 days fitness journey.

Today, we will talk about - "Health Diseases" and Disease Burder in India and after that Dietary Recommendation of 'WHO' and 'ICMR'.

At last, I would like to tell you- What I did to keep my health upto the mark. 

There are many lifestyle diseases out there but I would like to tell you about the 5 lifestyle diseases that are really common.

First of all, CVD - CardioVascular Disease, It covers - Heart Diseases and Heart Related problems.

Then there are Glycemic Problems like Diabetes which we call 'Sugar' in India where someone blood sugar levels increases. It is Diabetes Type 2. This was the second.

Even the Cancers. One third of the cancers are coming from poor lifestyle habits. They're coming from poor lifestyle choices.

Then there is obesity.That is, Weight-gain and Being Overweight. The next level of being over-weight is 'obesity'

Then there are lung diseases. The people who smoke usually have higher chances of lung disease.

Now, let's talk about Disease Burden which means - How many people are facing a certain kind of disease in this world?

As per to Cancer Statistics, in 2020, 10Lakh+ people have become cancer patients. After that - Diabetics, there are 70 Million+ (It's a very big number) diabetic patients in India.

So, 7 Crore People in India are diabetic. Like this only, other diseases are also with very shocking figures.

Now, let's talk about the Dietary Recommendations. So, as per to WHO Diet article, a balanced diet must have fruits and vegetables.

But when I talk about myself or If I see Indians in general, then these recommendations are rarely being followed.

So, our diets are lacking those nutrients and even the exercise standards are not upto the mark.

Supplements are also being ignored. Also, we are getting more into cellphones these days. So, we are not able to talk this much with each other openly.

Such situations in India can be avoided as well. As per to W.H.O, only by doing few changes like 'Doing Exercise Regularly'. By having a good diet, increasing physical activity and cutting off the smoking habit, 

80% of the Heart Diseases can be avoided.
90% - Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided.

After this, even the 1/3 Cancers can be avoided by keeping a good lifestyle.

Now the next thing is about - 'Dietary Recommendations'.

So, ICMR - 'Indian Council of Medical Research', as per to them, fruits and vegetables must be there in your diet. Even the World Health Organisation recommends the same.

They also advocate intake of fruits and raw vegetables. But then, if we were to talk about Indians, about me and you. So, I'm able to see - Unfortunately, in our diets, such nutrients are missing.

Also, Supplements are not being preferred in India. If you ask this question - Should I take Dietary Supplements? from any good doctor.

He would say - Don't! But He is also saying, that your lifestyle should also have good amount of exercise in it.

After that, even your nutrition intake should be good.

Also, socialise with people a bit. You talk with them a little. People who stay alone, Depression and feelings of Anxiety usually occur in them.

Now, let's talk about Day 9, So, the Exercise Plan of Wellness by Oriflame is very simple. I did only 'Brisk Walking' and I'm still committed with the same plan.

It is very easy to execute and that's it. We are done with our Day 9 as well.

All the best to me and to you. Take care!

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