"To Grow and Contribute".

This is Day 10 of My 90 Days Fitness Journey. Today, I'll openly talk about Wellness by Oriflame with you. Everlasting Health and A Lifestyle of Well-Being. This is what, 'Wellness By Oriflame' offers and promotes.

Now, this is not just about products or dietary supplements. It actually stands for 'Holistic Approach' means everything is being covered, 'Exercise', 'Nutrition' (your diet quality), supplements and community support (Being 'Social').

All these 4 things are required for a person to achieve his/her Health Dreams and that's what makes 'Wellness By Oriflame' unique.

The basics of Health and Nutrition are easy to grasp but eventually the concepts become complex.  Wellness By Oriflame guides you and facilitates the same for you.

If you feel like achieving your goals & achieve your dreams and you want to look good and Feel good on the inside as you're looking good. For this, you need your commitment and the commitment of the person who is telling you all this i.e 'Me'.

The commitment is needed with 4 things. First is 'Supplements'. Good Quality Supplements that are going to fill the nutritional gaps in your body i.e 3 months of Nutrishake, Omega3 and 'Swedish Beauty Complex'

Second thing is 'Nutrition'. How much of 'Fruits' and 'raw vegetables' are you taking on a regular basis. 

Third is 'Exercise'. So, a commitment of 90 days with the Exercise Plan.

Fourth is Social Support.So, When You Join Wellness By Oriflame, a social support can also be expected. A Support, encourages and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

Now, if something intends to take care of your health, adds social life, gives you Health and Exercise advice. Such Lifestyle is having lots of Benefits to begin with.

One benefit is - On a daily basis, You Feel Good on the inside. When You Exercise, It is like a 'Gift to Your Body'.

In this program, A person can lose his/her weight or can also maintain his/her weight with proven strategies and widely accepted supplements.

Next Benefit is - It feels great and you begin to Feel more Energetic.

The next thing is, depending on your fitness goals, you can either lose weight or maintain your weight.

Now, your and your family's nutritional needs (proteins, carbs or fibers) will get get covered in this program. 

Doing all this, improves your skin, hair and nails. That is an added benefit.

One more benefit is - 'Mental WellBeing' i.e Your Mental Health also improves.

So, a program with 'Health Lifestyle' is worth adopting for long term.

This was 'Day 10', All the Best to me and to you. Take Care!

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