"To Grow and Contribute".

Fortunately, in June 2020, I was able to achieve 06% Brand Partnership with DazzlingStars Club. 06% hardly matters. Money at this point hardly matters. But, the way it happened matters and matters a lot

Usually, in conventional network marketing business and with people of truly conventional mindset. The whole pressure to run the business comes over you. 

60% Network Support, 40% Myself, Product Selling matters, Journey Model - A Labour Intensive Approach, My Dream.

Your Seniors could be implying - "You have to be motivated and do all the sales". to earn your profits. This tends to increase pressure in the newbie. Yes?

On the other hand, in Dazzling Stars, with some thought provoking posts and videos. I was being granted - A 60% Network Support.  This means, 60% of the sales were being done this side to support my motives (that motive to become a Diamond President Director! one day)

The sad truth of my life is - People have laughed, made fun of me, when I have disclosed my visions but, people here didn't object when I  said, -  I would like to be the "Diamond President Director one day" in the meeting. 

It's a long term vision though, The purpose is kept secret; waiting for the right moment to reveal it. But the Principles are crystal clear - "To stick with the quality people in network marketing for a long period in my life".

You can truly learn Business from the people who are actually doing it successfully in their real life. Books and courses can help a lot but when it comes to the ground, what actually works, only a person being on the ground/field for years, can tell you and guide you in the right direction and...

40% of the sales were from me and my 2 friends. 

So, Product selling matters in this Business, If products are being sold then there are commissions. If no products are sold then no commissions.

Honestly, The commissions at this point of my journey are a distraction. A demotivating factor to me.  

But comparatively, it is good, I remember, in my 1st month of YouTube in 2015, I made a Zero (yes, Zero), 2nd month, I made only $0.05 i.e Rs 3.50/- (yes, this much only). Now, it is more than 5 years on YouTube now. My good brands run and income streams are crossing $1000.00 USD already and...

That's how it is. That's the virtue of Assets and passive income sources. They are so little in the beginning that it can be distracting and demotivating. Sooner, with your collective consistent effort in the right and/or recommended directions, the income stream tends to grow and grow wild and wilder in the time to come (J Curves).

The approach I used to start my Oriflame Business, The "Journey Model" where you record yourself, edit and upload videos, pics and blog about it, I realized,  is very Labor Intensive in nature. 

It is a good approach when you're with your team of a video editor, a copywriter and a manager. Doing all this myself, I realized, it was draining lots of resources (time and energy). more than 11 hours per day just for creating some quality content.

A better approach for a single person could be - preparing a little and recording the footage only on daily basis and taking more time to edit it properly and then upload the content that feels best to you. 

Once the 90 Days Journey is actually completed, The same journey footage can be considered for editing 

You know, one day in the Future, we could actually be sitting together, over a cup of coffee, talking and I'll be smiling, reading out my own write-ups to you, I guess. 

From that point in the future, as we Come back in the present now, I realize, this very moment could be the start of something awesome!.

All the Best to You and Of-course, to Me... 

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