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Digital Passice Income and The 4 Models of Earning Money in Life.

There are multiple models of earning money in life. All models have their own set of rules. The best could be the one that works best for you.

There is Job Model, Performance Based Model, Passive Income Model and Assets Building Model.

In India, in Job Model, you see people in lots to get a job for 5000 INR, 10,000 INR, 15,000, 25,000 INR and if you're a pass out from a good university say an IIT then it could be INR 1,50,000+

I have myself worked for 2+ years, switching jobs but lately I realized something is cruel about this.

I couldn't ignore the fact that someone else has placed a wedge on my growth and is telling me - How much money I can earn.

I also realized, they are going to judge you and analyse your performance and then rate you. The argument is - Why should others decide How Much I'm Worth Earning?

I couldn't tolerate for long that the others are telling me to sit down or move there. This approach really kills a sense of self in a person.

Similar mood and thoughts made me quit my software developer job in 2017.

Then there is Performance Based Model of earning money where the better you perform actively, the better you earn. They won't pay you any monthly wage(s) but they won't put a wedge on your growth either.

Traditional Network Marketing Businesses fall in this category of performance based income. If you perform well, you earn well. If you don't, you don't!

Third model of earning money is Passive Income Model. This is basically for people like me who have invested lots of time of their life reading books and getting mentored from the best in the industry.

If you have read books from Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, David Allen or Napolean Hill or any other personally development guru, there is almost always this uneasyness inside us to break the less rewarding realities of life.

Passive Income could be from a Digitally Enabled Network Marketing Business, Writing Ebooks/books and getting complete royalty on them, Having a Youtube Channel, a facebook page, a club with active members where you can receive commissions (Commissions Based Model is also there in the Passive Income Model)

Fourth Model is Assets Building Model. All the Businesses that offer you job, partnership or money to promote their products are actually working on this model.

When you are being offered a Job, the reality is - the business is going to be make more out of you than being invested on you (your paycheck and facilities). If you can ignore it and do your job then good. no issues.

If you can't ignore the above fact then maybe job model is not for you. If you think like me - People on the other side shouldn't be allowed to put a wedge of 5000 on you for your job role or let it be 25000. You shouldn't allow them to decide that you're only worth this much and then when they feel like, they will promote you.

Assets Building take some time and you're not working for money to build assets. You're actually working with something that feel good to you (not passion exactly but something that feels you good momentarily) then creating digital content with it or making a brand or starting under your own name passively can really help you have fortunes in the future like Harsh Agarwal (Shoutmeloud).

Harsh started blogging in the indian community and he is still being counted as one of the best people in the industry.

Then we have Om Thoke and there are lot more.

You can also try to do a job for a while, understand how a good company works and maybe then start your business then a brand and finally a company.

Just make sure you realize, you heart likes this and doesn't like that. Respect your feelings and they won't come haunting you.

Prioritize yourself!

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