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Hello Friends, Amninder Here

This is Day 2 of my fitness Journey. I'm happy that it got completed. As per to the Plan inspired by Oriflame Wellness, It was Brisk Walking and Some Running.

Fitness Giveaway Participation Steps (India)😏
1. Tap to Register As A Brand Partner.
2. Tap to Answer the Fitness Questions.
3. Giveaway Winners Announcements: 13 July, 26 July,13 Aug, 26 Aug., 13 Sept. 2020
4. Giveaway Distribution Date: 26 Sept. 2020

To make this easier for yourself, you can go with 20 minutes of Brisk Walking and 10 minutes of Running in the beginning days of Your Journey.

When you Register As A Brand Parnter and See the Exercise Plan yourself. You will find that the plan is actually "Dynamic" in nature. It is very simple.

You start with Brisk Walking everyday (5 or 7 days per week as per to your will), Then If you have more time and energy, Go for - running then strength training and finally if you have more time and your schedule allows you, then consider going for recovery (Yoga/Streching/Pilates) on the same day.

This full course from Brisk Walking to Recovery is actually the traditional way of doing things in the Gym but when you're with Oriflame, you get the flexibility of just doing brisk walking and then if you have more time and will within you, then you go for the full fledged plan every single day. 

Whenever you attempt this 90 Days Wellness Program with me, I'm going to offer a giveaway option to the participant(s) i.e this is going to be "The Giveaway of the Primal 5".

This simply means, The Giveaway is going to have 5 High Quality Omega3 Capsule bottles, 5 Swedish Beauty Complex and 5 Nutrishake packages as per to your choice(s) [Giveaway Total: INR 25,000+]

Giveaway Participation Instructions are already given just near the video above.

Now, As We Continue with our Journey, I'm damn sure, things become little difficult. So, Let's keep our hopes high and 'Continue'.

All the Best to You and All the Best to Me, Take Care!

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