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Hello Friends, Amninder Here

I have started my fitness journey on June 16, 2020 and today was Day One. Below is a Video Summary of the Entire BlogPost. 

On this journey, we are going to follow the plan below (roughly)

We have 7 days of Brisk Walking and then Aerobic activities like Cycling or Running on alternate days.

Then 2 Days of strength training and occasional Yoga/Stretching Sessions.

But there is more to all this that I would like to discuss with you.

There is this thing that 'We Never Start!'.

Before making this video and writing a blog post, I was like - I should have a DSLR, a good team of Cameramen/Editors just like the way it was before the 2020 LockDown. 

Then there must be a Studio to shoot High Quality Videos. Then there should be Logos on your shirt and Brand Deals and there should be lots of Subscribers before you start so that, whenever I upload a video and share something, I could have millions of views right from the Day One.

But then you realize - "you won't be able to start this way and it could become difficult for anyone who considers money "valuable" to start with a heavy setup.

Then I realized my Businesses (the ones that flourished), I started them with my 'bare hands' only.

It's like, If "You are Valuable" and if you add value towards society and to other businesses then the things I mentioned are meant to happen almost on their own for you. 

The moral is - "You Start and the Rest of the Things will happen For You provided you continually improve on your journey"

This was Day One of My 90 Days Fitness Journey. I Hope, you will also be able to start after reading this much.

Well, There are 4 Important Elements of this Journey.

1. Exercises
2. Supplements (Register For Supplement Discounts)
3. Plate Model

4th Element is You (The Community). Without A Community, isolation occurs, with a community and people like you - Magic Happens! 

I was able to have and sustain a good body shape in 2017

In 2020, Let's see what happens!

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