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Hello Friends, I'm Amninder Singh and You're reading my 90 days fitness journey.

Today, we will discuss about our Lifestyle choices and the consequences of that lifestyle.

Let's talk about from Early Morning. We Just Wake Up Early and then we experience a sudden stress from monday mornings.

It could be because you need to go to your office or you need to start your own office.

Then you feel a need of getting some relief.

So, we tend to prefer burgers or maybe french fries and cold drinks.

After that, we need to work together as well. So just after your lunch or breakfast, a person feels like having a quick 'tea'. 

After that, there is a pressure fromm Ross or your own Business causes you pressure that you need to do multi-tasking.

Then, there is pollution of this world. 

At the end, some people prefer smoking or alcohol so that you can experince some peace of mind at least. Now, such a lifestyle is having it's own consequences.

Let's talk about - Sleeping Habits first.

If a person is not taking a sleep of 7-8 hours then in our waking hours, it makes the body experience tremendous stress.

When we are sleeping, body is regenerating itself. A complete repair mechanism is working in place.

Even in the few last hours of our sleep cycle, there is REM (Rapid Eye Movement), Memory also gets refreshed. 

If you don't allow some time for all of this to happen.

Memory also gets refreshed. If you don't allow enough time for all these changes to happen then if repeated on daily basis, this can evoke a stress response.

To combat stress, we need more anti-oxidants.

Then let's talk about - 'Tea' or 'Coffee'.

To be Honest with you. You're reading this post, I cannot skip the tea or coffee from my routine and that's the end of story. But if a person is consuming tea or coffee with his/her meal then, referring oriflame basic wellness training (register to get it for free). 

I would like to tell you - this really effects Iron Absorption in your body (as high as 80%). This is more like. Body is not able to absorb Iron at all.

After all, Calcium, Vitamin-B and then Magnesium absorptions are also affected

This is like, even if we have taken the recommended nutrients, we can only experience changes if they're absorbed.

As a solution, if you want to keep the vitamins and mineral levels optimal in your body and you want to continue with tea/coffee, then recommended is - After any meal - 'breakfast' or 'lunch'.

You may drink tea/coffee after 1,2,3 hours. just delay it as much as possible.

If I were to talk about myself then after having a meal, we experience a slowdown.

To subside that 'after meal slowdown' we prefer tea or coffee.

If you were to eat your same food in 5 sittings rather than 3 then you will be able to avoid the 'slowdowns' as per to my personal experience.

If you're having, 3 chapatis in your meal then you eat them in 2 sittings within 2 hous gap in plates of 1.5 each.

Doing so, is going to help you avoid tea or coffee as there would be a substantial relief in the aftermeal 'slowdown'.

Then we need to talk about - Fried Food, Fried Chips or Non-Veg.

If a person eats like Fried Chicken, If all of this is being eaten, more than 3 servings a week then we have a need of anti-oxidants more than usual. So that, it's affects can be counter-balanced in body.

But if it tastes good and feels good to you. No issues. If You were to Take Anti-oxidants with them then there won't be too many consequences or problems.

As such, it is not recommended to overeat fried food but still it tastes good.

Now let's talk about 'Soda'. So, all the Carbonated Drinks in the market. Such soft drinks feel so good to drink.

I would like to confess - I, myself feel good drinking but they're not good for health and are not recommended. First point, they block mineral absorption in our bodies and then they deplete calcium levels too.

Then it also affects Magnesium Levels in our bodies. 

Then let's talk about - 'Mental Stress'. There are two types of Stress - 'Positive' and 'Negative'. These days, we are experiencing more of 'Negative Stress'. Need to wake up early in th morning. Getting Ready for office every weekday.

If it's your own Business then you need to open your office and then need to start working. Client(s) say something. Business Partner(s) say something else.

All of us need to manage lots of things. We get more commitments from our home as well. Then we face more commitments from our friends and the list goes on...

This causes a spike in mental stress in a person's life. 'Meditation' is one way to manage our body stress. 

But as such, as the 'Stress' increase in your body, it starts demanding more vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Next is 'smoking'. Some people prefer smoking just to feel good and for a moment, to experience a peace of mind.

But in reality, absorption of minerals and vitamins is being hindered. 

Then, we talk about 'Alcohol Consumption' for some peace of mind, for a sense of balance in life. For some it's like, they want to sleep better.

But in general, If alcohol is being consumed in a body then this depletes bodies of vitamins and minerals. 

If 'Alcohol Consumption' frequency is very high then to counterbalance it's effect - Our body needs anti-oxidants, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium.

Then, we need to talk about Pollution and specially Air Pollution. Then Pollution causes a lot of negative effect on our bodies.

To counter balance this effect, to recover, our bodies need tremendous amount of anti-oxidants.

In conclusion, today was Day 8. I completed 'Brisk Walking' in the morning as per to the Simple Exercise Plan inspired by Wellness Oriflame.

And 'Yes', If it is becoming difficult for you to continue exercising in the second week then doing it as 'First Thing' in the morning can help you execute it.

By rescheduling it as the first thing in the morning, you would be able to easily execute it as per to my personal experience.

So, this was all about Day 8. All the best to Me and to You.

Take Care...

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