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Hello Friends, I'm Amninder Singh and you're reading about my 90 days fitness journey.

This is Day 7 and today we will talk about - Exercise Log(s). Benefits of Exercise Log(s) and then What I did Today and at the end, I'm going to conclude - Week One of my 90 Days Fitness Journey with you.

Talking about the Exercise Log. A Simple Exercise Log can be done with pen and paper. Basically, a notebook where it is written as Week One. Then, Brisk Walking - 7 Times, Running - 3 times and after that - Strength Training 2 times and then eventually a day for Yoga and Full Body Stretching

You may log your week one progress.

Exercise log can also be any android app. You can also do this in an excel sheet or maybe only on your notepad in a computer or laptop or maybe on your smartphone.

One benefit of making an exercise log is- You Feel a Sense of Achievement. You Feel Good that, You Have Completed Your Week One and whatever you committed with yourself is being executed now.

You can even stay focused on your diet and can note down before you change anything in your diet. All can be recorded in your exercise log.

Eventually, you can achieve your fitness goals and also in a fitness journal/exercise log.

You can also note down the types of supplements you need to take. Which Food(s) to avoid and what is the best way for calorie intake.

Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch. What would be the schedule and how many times to eat in a day?

So, any and all of the details can be logged in your Exercise Log

As per to my personal experience, Our Fitness Journal or Exercise Log can really help us in the near future to Feel Motivated, Feel Better that you have achieved something already and to Feel Like Continuing on this journey.

So 50% was done already when we started together.

Now, the rest of the 50% is we continue throughout our whole journey.

To inform you, Fitness Giveaway (India) is also happening. You may Read Day 2: Let's Continue and Giveaway Announcement for the Instructions in Details.

Today was Day 7, I used Exercise Log and only 3 things were left. One was Brisk Walking, that is to be done daily and then running and finally strength training.

I completed all these 3 things that were left undone. Also, all the committed tasks of week one are done now

So, I learnt from Week One that - If we just start on a simple exercise routine then slowly making efforts on a regular basis, then the plan can be easily executed [with some bits of Proper knowledge and and planning, ofcourse].

This is my learning.

On Day One, I was saying that - If I want to come online with the best methods then maybe I might not be able to come at all. 

I Just started and You're able to see and even I'm able to see that I have completed my 7 days.

So Hopes High. For Week - 2,3,4 and then eventually the 90 days journey.

All the best to Me and to You.

Take Care.

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