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Digital Law of Averages is Applied Law of Averages to the Digital World. When you talk and prospect 100 people, 10 people say 'yes' and rest of them say a 'no' (say). In the digital world, 10 has the potential to convert 90 other 'no's to 'yes'. This also means it is perfect. How?
Network Marketing Principles for 2020 and Beyond www.amnindersingh.com
Few important points to keep in mind are.

1. Meetings, Seminars, further recommendations are necessary to grow but not compulsory and/or mandatory. Ofcourse, if you attend them, it is going to help you understand and grow with the system.

2. When you feel a need of buying something, you may consider buying from your network instead of going to the retail shop. This helps you avoid MRP prices, offers you BP (Business Points) from your company and Discounts/Offers are going to be an added bonus

3. When you are Going to buy, just make sure the Cost:BP is close to 40:1. Such buying decisions are recommended. This rule is made to help you achieve the maximum level in your company with the minimum investment possible.

4. To begin with, before dreaming or becoming successful, it is going to be more about your own needs.

5. Before buying, maybe consider going through the latest offers/outlet of your company. Those offers could be very profitable for you and consider going through the Product Catalogs before any purchase. Big or small.

6. Company Ethics matter a lot.

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